Join The Locals Unite Movement And Be The Indonesia’s Next Icon

Leading tea maker Tehbotol Sosro launches #LocalsUnite, a movement that aims to provide support to innovative and original local, native Indonesian brands. Launched towards the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, the #LocalsUnite movement is designed to provide support to local brands and collaborate together so that they can become Indonesia’s next icon.

At the virtual media conference taking place on July 9, 2020, PT Sinar Sosro’s Marketing Director, Sabrina Kharisanti said, “The success of Tehbotol Sosro is thanks to the perseverance of our company’s founder. He adheres to the philosophy of ‘good intentions, good results.’ Our founder believes that if we treat each other well, support each other, and sprinkle good intentions, then those good intentions will give good results. This has proven to be true. Now, we want to continue the good intentions of the Indonesian people by launching a movement that will provide full support for local brands and help them become the next icon of Indonesia. This year is the right time to launch this movement because our nation is facing an unexpected challenge. We must keep the spirit, especially this year we welcome 75 years of Indonesian independence. In this challenging time, Indonesia must embrace and do things with good intentions.”

Sabrina said that #LocalsUnite includes three things, “First, #LocalsUnite is a movement designed to provide support to Indonesian creators who have original and innovative ideas in various categories, such as food and drink, clothing and art – to create a new range of products that designed to attract young Indonesians. Second, #LocalsUnite is a forum that brings together promising brands and shows their abilities to Indonesia in various ways. This will create an ecosystem where the community can support these brands. Creators, creators, and SMEs can partner with each other and make their work bigger and better, and provide opportunities to show their talents to the world.”

Tehbotol Sosro invites young creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to submit collaborative ideas with Tehbotol Sosro to create creative work. Proposals, ideas, and questions can be sent to Follow the excitement of #LocalsUnite by following Instagram account @tehbotolsosroid.


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Sosro Locals Unite